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Homemade Burger

Who refuses to eat this food, so badly called "Fast food"?
Yes, hamburgers is today's recipe.
The main ingredients of this preparation are meat and bread, then we have many variations.
So that my hamburger recipe is not considered "junk" I chose to elaborate it with foods that benefit our health, taking care of the portions size and the frequency with which we will consume it.

It's a complete hamburger that we already have a portion of:
  • Meat (proteins) 
  • Bread (carbohydrates) 
  • Vegetables (fibers, vitamins) 
  • Unsaturated fats (good) by crude oil and avocado. Therefore, we consider it a very good substitution for when the weekend arrives and we feel like eating hamburgers.
    Opt for taking your time, enjoying your kitchen, the pleasure of eating a food made by you! 
Let's eat homemade, let's be smart and critical when feeding!

Amount Ingredient
6 Pumpkin breads
12 Light mozzarella slices
C/n Slices tomatoes

Amount Ingredient
720g Lean ground beef
1 tbsp Salt (optional)
C/n Oregano
C/n Smoked paprika (optional)
C/n Garlic
C/n Pepper (optional)
1 tbsp Oil (to seal)

In a bowl season the meat and mix well.
Arrange 6 hamburgers of 120g and seal them in a pan with a tablespoon of oil.
When they are cooked, add the mozzarella on top.

Amount Ingrediente
Necessary quantity Avocado
Necessary quantity Onion
Necessary quantity Bell pepper
Necessary quantity Lemon juice
Necessary quantity Salt (optional)

Step with a fork the avocado, mix it with the lemon, salt, onion and morrón cut into small cubes. Leave in a bowl and reserve.

Amount Ingredient
Necessary quantity Lettuce
Necessary quantity Carrot
Necessary quantity Olive Oil

Cut the bread in the middle longitudinally, on the base spread a spoonful of guacamole, 3 slices of tomato, on top of the burger and cover with the other half of the bread.
This burger with bread will be accompanied by a salad of shredded carrot and lettuce seasoned with olive oil.

Once all ready, serve! :)

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