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Samosa (English)

Samosa is a typical dish of South Asia, it is a pie shaped triangular fried stuffed with potatoes, legumes, cooked vegetables, meat lamb or chicken. 

Surely when you read this recipe you will realize that it is not the recipe original Samosa, because I made modifications to achieve better quality of the food.:)
I hope you like it and be encouraged to do it!

8 servings

Amount Ingredient
1/2 Cup Wheat flour
1/4 Cup Wheat bran
1 Pinch Salt (optional)
1 Tbsp Oil
Necessary quantity Warm water
1 Egg to brush
Necessary quantity Sesame seeds (optional)

Amount Ingredient
1/2 Onion
2 Brocoli flowers
1 Small tomato without seeds
1 Cooked fresh fish fillet
1 Can of loins of tuna to the natural
Necessary quantity Smoked paprika (optional)
Necessary quantity Thyme
Necessary quantity Oregano
Necessary quantity Salt (optional)

In a bowl mix all the ingredients, knead until a dough forms Smooth and let stand for 30 minutes.

Cook the cut vegetables in small cubes, then incorporate the fish and season.

Divide the dough into 4 rolls, stretch them round until the dough be thin, divide them in two, put together a cone with the dough & nbsp; joining the edges with water and fill it.
Brush them with egg and sprinkle them with Sesame seeds.
Take them to the oven until golden brown.
Servir! :)

*The filling can vary with what you want.
*You can accompany them with a rich salad of green leaves.

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