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Chicken and broccoli cake for trips

On the weekend we made a trip and since I knew that we were not going to have time to stop for dinner, I thought about doing some easy preparation to manipulate it and eat it on the way.
It occurred to me to prepare food with chicken pie accompanied by cherry tomatoes.
In this way we made sure that we were not going to be hungry, that we ate something homemade, we avoided buying any type of fast food (sometimes on trips are the easiest, least expensive and most accessible option to eat), we also make sure that We ate a fresh food and avoided exposing ourselves to the risk of causing any discomfort. Another not minor fact is that we are sure we saved some money. :)

      With this preparation I made sure that our food was going to have nutrients that we need, such as proteins from chicken meat, broccoli fibers and cherry tomatoes and complex carbohydrates from the dough, in this way we already cover the macro nutrients of one of the 4 daily meals, in addition to the vitamins and minerals that these foods provide.

Makes 4 servings for a roasting pan of 6 inches in diameter by 2 inches in height.

Amount Ingredient
1 cup Wheat flour
1 tbsp Oil
1 cta Salt (optional)
Necessary quantity Warm water

Mix all the dry ingredients and add the necessary amount of water until a firm dough forms, that you can knead it and that it does not stick in my hands.
The water is always added little by little so that we do not exceed the amount.
I took it to the refrigerator for 15 minutes covered with nylon to prevent it from drying, this contributes to the dough after baked becomes more crispy.
You can add chia seeds, flax or wheat bran to enrich it.

Amount Ingredient
1 Chicken breast
8 Brocoli flowers
2 Eggs cooked
1 pinch Salt
Necessary quantity Condiments

Wash the breast, remove the skin and boil it until it cooks completely, then crumble it. I booked.
In a pot boiled water and add the flowers of broccoli for three minutes, this process is called bleaching, it can be done with any vegetable. I cut them small and booked them.
boil and grate twe eggs
In a bowl, mix all the ingredients, add a pinch of salt and spices that you had at home.

I removed the dough that I had in the refrigerator, I divided it into two halves.
In a roasting pan, I spread one of the halves until it covers everything on the bottom and sides, take a few minutes in the oven to precook it, then remove it and incorporated all the filling, I pressed it so that it is very compact.
To finish I stretch the other half of the dough that I had left and cover the cake.
I took it to the oven until it got old.
I let it cool, I divided it into four portions and distributed them into meats accompanied with cherry tomatoes.
List the food for our trip!:)

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