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Freeze ground beef

Grounded beef

Search in the market :

  • Low fat ground beef

Season it with a little of:

  • Garlic, chopped onion, bell pepper and oregano.

Mix everything with your hands for a few minutes until it is very well mixed.

Separate portions of 0.22 lbs to 0.44 lbs, the amount will depend on your nutritional requirements, to know you should ask a Dietitian

If you are going to overlap them remember to separate them with nylon and when you have ready wrap them with more nylon

Take them in to the freezer in this way will be preserved for up to 6 months.

Take a half hour every 15 days to make this kind of preparations.
This way you avoid buying ultra-processed burgers that contain ingredients that do not benefit your health.
Remember that to defrost the meat you may do it in two ways: place it in the lower part of the refrigerator from the previous night or defrost it taking advantage of the type of cooking that you are going to use.
If you don´t want to eat hamburgers, defrost them and prepare sauces or soups

Easy, right?

Eat homemade, dedicate time to your diet to maintain or improve your health.