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10 reasons why you should cook a beet leaves frittata

Since long time back I've been using every single part of the food that I can. In this way I am generating less waste in my kitchen than before.

One recipe that helps to achieve this is the delicious beet leaves frittata and these are the benefits:

General benefits:
1. It is a low cost preparation and you can share it with more than one person

2. You can use an entire beet to cook, one part for any other meal and the leaves in this recipe

3. Quick and easy to cook

4. Suitable for :
  • Healthy people
  • People who have celiac disease or diabetes
  • Treatment of overweight or obesity
  • Hypertensive people if you choose not to add salt 
  • People with cardiovascular desease.
5. Cooked with natural ingredients only therefore it is a non ultra-processed food

Nutritional benefits:
6. Good fiber supply by the beet leaves and the onion

7. The intense green color of the leaves means that it is a food rich in iron, an important mineral for women, mainly pregnant women and children in the growth stage

8. Rich in complete animal proteins of high biological value for egg whites and B vitamins.

9. Because the yolk egg: unsaturated fats, in smaller proportion saturated fats and vitamins A, D, E and K.

10. Moderate caloric intake

Try and tell me how was the beet leaves frittata