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Is gluten really bad for you?

Is gluten really bad for you?

If you don't have any kind of disease such as celiac disease don't miss the chance to have the delicious aroma of bread at your home!

Prepare the bread, cook it at home, knowing each ingredient that will be part of the dough. I am here to help you to create the delicious, tasty and nutritious breads.

Does the bread make me fat? some people ask that question, and the answer is: Yes, the bread makes you fat like any other food, because they all give us energy through calories!

So please don't exceed the quantity of the daily intake of bread. I recommend you to eat between100g to 200g per day. If you want to know properly according to your requirements consult with a dietitian.

But one of the secrets of a correct diet is that you can eat everything you like, WITH MODERATION!