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Multicolored warm salad

The United States is recognized worldwide for the incorrect eating habits practiced by the population that lives here.
This could be due to the ease with which they have access to food of low nutritional quality due to the low cost, the addiction they generate, and the massive availability that exists in the market, among other factors.
To the foods that I am referring to are the ultraprocessed ones for example French fries, nachos, fried pork fat, dry meat, among thousands of other snacks. & nbsp; These products have fat, salt and sugar as main ingredients, as well as preservatives, dyes and other additives that the industry is responsible for add to their life is long, preserve the texture and flavor for a long time.
There are also sugary drinks such as cola soft drinks, fruit flavored juices, among other options.
We also have the possibility to easily find and obtain fast foods in the large vending chains that sell hamburgers, fried chicken, tacos, pizzas and more.

With this I do not mean that we can not sporadically consume some of these products but they must control the amount they will consume the day they do so since our body is not designed to support so many calories and substances that contribute this type of products.

As I do not want at home we become consumers of these products, we cook and when we go out to eat we opt for lighter preparations, which are not so greasy and also have vegetables, are colorful and tasty dishes.

When we go to the supermarket we find a great variety of foods both ultraprocessed and also a number of colors and different species in the fruit and vegetable section, also fresh meat cuts offered there like beef, pork, chicken, fish, etc.
Therefore go to the supermarket anywhere in the world I can say that it is when life puts us to the test, referring to the ability we each have to opt for food that we will consume intelligently and consciously.
Therefore, let's take care of our body, our health, let's eat more natural and let's have a little time to cook rich at home.

Today I leave a quick and attractive recipe for you to do as a family.
If they do not have any ingredients that I used, do not worry, use whatever you have at home.

This recipe yields approximately 3 servings.

Cantidad Ingrediente
120g colorful corkscrew noodles
1/4 White onion
1/4 Purple onion
1/4 Red bellpepper
1/4 Yellow bellpepper/td>
1/4 Orange bellpepper
1 stic Celery
5 Brocoli flowers
12 Cherry tomatoes
Necessary quantity Coriander
Necessary quantity Pepper
Necessary quantity Parsley
Necessary quantity Salt (optional)
2 Tbsp Olive oil

The first thing I did was cut the onions, the celery, the bell peppers in small cubes and cut the broccoli flowers smaller.
In a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil cook them over low heat until tender and season them with a little salt, pepper and coriander, if necessary you can add a little water to finish the cooking and leave it to evaporate.
Once ready, reserve in the pan.
In a pot with plenty of water and a little salt I cooked the noodles until they were al dente, I put them in the cabbage and I incorporated them to the vegetables I had in the pan.
Mix them with the fire, add the cherry tomatoes cut in half and finally sprinkle the preparation with parsley.
And so it's ready to serve.

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