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Crispy salmon with mushrooms

Just to remind you because many of you have already read or heard that good fats are those found in crude oils, oilseeds, nuts, fish mainly in fatty foods such as salmon, tuna and others.
But today our vedette is going to be the fish! :).
It would be very beneficial for our health that we consume at least once or twice a week to incorporate essential fatty acids into our diet since we can only obtain them from food, because our organism does not synthesize them.
They are so necessary in pregnancy for the correct development of the fetus in terms of vision and neurological system, & nbsp; for adults as regards the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and for all stages of life.

Undoubtedly, this preparation is just an example of how we can incorporate fish into our diet. They can choose another type of steak and garnish that they like the most.
I know that for many families the consumption of fish is not a habit, but we can make the attempt, making appetizing and healthy preparations for everyone! Opting for cooking methods such as baking, grilling, steam. without adding too much unnecessary fat.
Remember to add seasonings to make them more tasty by taking care of the amount of salt.

Today I leave this simple recipe where we take the food 100%.

For this preparation I used:

Amount Ingredient
2 tbsp Olive oil
2 pieces 150g to 200g of fresh salmon
15 Mushrooms
1/2 Onion
3 sticks Celery
Neccesary quantity Coriander
Neccesary quantity Pepper
Neccesary quantity Salt (optional)

First it is better to wash the fillets to remove any kind of dirt they may have. Then I seasoned them with sea salt and pepper.
In a very hot pan with a tablespoon of oil I sealed the fillets, first on the side that has the skin, until it is crispy and then on the other side.
I finished cooking with a few minutes in the oven.
As a garnish I chose to sauté the onion, the celery cut into small cubes and the mushrooms cut into quarters, season them with salt, a little pepper and a lot of coriander :).
After everything is ready, to plant and enjoy it! :).