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Cinnamon Butternut squash in simple syrup

I would like to make the same one as my grandma Nena made, with her I learned to love cooking. I don't know if she cooked because she liked or because she had 10 kids and when I used to cook with her when I was a kid she had at least 30 grandkids. However, we enjoyed a lot her dishes. 

I remember she used to make this recipe with another kind of squash and another ingredient. Luckily my cousin Andrea shared with me her recipe but she made it with butternut squash and I bet you it is delicious too and at least it remembers me my childhood at my dear grandparents house. I think that in this quarantine days and concerns could be a good option to cook some soul meal and also is a good way to preserve for a long time the squash. Well, I'm going to stop talking and lest's go to the recipe!

Equipment information: 

Quantity Equipment
1 Chef knife
1 Cutting board
1 Scale
1 Bowl
1 Pot
1 Spatula
1 Mason jar


Measure Ingredient name
14oz Butternut squash
7oz Sugar
7oz Water
1 Cinnamon stick

If you would like to replace some ingredient:
  • Butternut squash: can be replaced or any veggie or fruit like: red bell pepper, tomatoes, fig, sweet potatoes.
  • Sugar: you can use cane sugar or brown sugar
  • Cinnamon stick: can be replaced for cardamom or clove.


  • Peel off the butternut squash on the cutting board 
  • Cut it in medium chunks (or the size you prefer)
  • Place the bowl on the scale and scale 14 ounces of butternut squash
  • Place the pot on the scale and weight the sugar and the water together
  • Put the pot on medium heat stove until it starts to boil so that you get the syrup
  • Turn down the fire and add a cinnamon stick, and the butternut squash chunks, mix a little to cover all the pieces with the syrup
  • Let it cook at low heat until the butternut squash is tender
  • When it is ready place it in a little and clean clean mason jar, cover it with the lid and if you want to preserve ir for a long period of time turn it up side down until it get cold, that way is gonna be sealed.